Sunday, April 8, 2018

NYCB Romeo & Juliet


These next few posts from me are going to be about the activities and shows my mom and I participated in while she was in town for the President’s Day holiday weekend. On February 17, my mom and I went to see a Saturday evening performance of Romeo & Juliet. We were so excited to see this ballet because it is my mom’s favorite ballet and Tiler Peck was performing the role of Juliet. This production was choreographed by Peter Martins and is not the choreography that most are used to. But more about that later. Let me tell you about our experience at the David H. Koch Theatre.

During this time of year, NYCB hosts an art series. This year the artist was Jihan Zencirli. She creates art using biodegradable balloons ranging from ten inches to ten feet.


When you walk in you see white and black balloons on sides of the lobby where you walk up to enter into the theater. It’s very simple and a great way to capture the eye as you walk into the theater. It’s also a great way to get the crowds to move from the main entrance and the doors and into the theater. It’s more of a tease of what is to come and that is what’s found on the second floor.

My friends happened to see the production the night before and had already sent me pictures of them with the exhibit so I had an idea of what we would see but what we actually saw was so much more. We happened to have reached the theater quite early due to being conscious of how the subway systems work on the weekend (and never in my favor), and we essentially had the floor where the exhibit is to ourselves so we could have a quick and fun photoshoot. There were four arches of silver balloons of various shapes, mainly moon and stars that created ample opportunity to have fun with photos. Not only was it fun to walk around and through, it was also fun to watch others come up with creative ideas for pictures.


Now the show itself. At the end of the day, it was a great performance by all especially by Tiler Peck (Juliet), Zachary Catazaro (Romeo), and Lydia Wellington (Nurse). However, it wasn’t the choreography my mom and I were used to and we ended up feeling a little disappointed walking out. I believe the direction the company was going for was simple. Everything seemed simple from the costumes, the sets, the storyline and the choreography. The orchestrations even felt simple, in the way that we kept waiting for the big bang in the scenes, such as the balcony scene and the bedroom scene. We just kept waiting for the big lifts, as seen in the classic choreography.

It also felt like they were trying too hard to put some comedic relief into the story. While I appreciated the dance with the little boys and the comedy with that, I felt like the comedic play between Romeo and Juliet at the end of the bedroom scene was too light for what the story actually was, Romeo leaving to go into hiding.


Overall, I’m glad that my mom and I were able to go see this production.  We do love going to the ballet to get swept away with the music and choreography. I do believe that if we knew it wasn’t the original choreography going in, we wouldn’t have been as disappointed. However, when we arrived back home, we did enjoy finding clips of Alessandra Ferri in the role of Juliet that we love to watch on DVD whenever we get the chance.

Check out this ad from a few years ago with clips from the NYCB production

Also check out these two videos starring Alessandra Ferri and Angel Corella

Balcony Scene:

Bedroom Scene:


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