Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Band's Visit


Broadway’s new season has officially kicked off! I’m so excited about this because I’ve never been in the city when the new season starts and have to try to fight with tickets. After reading the chat board on and seeing reviews from the off-broadway run, I knew I had to rush it as soon as possible before it turns into a potential Dear Evan Hansen and Hamilton, where tickets are impossible to get and I have to enter (and lose) the lottery every day.

I spent a very windy cold Friday morning rushing this show the day after it opened because it worked out that I didn’t have any tests coming up the following week. I figured I would need to get to the line early, but not as early as I would need to on the weekend, so I aimed to get to the theatre around 7:30 am. The MTA was not on my side (when is it ever?). I arrived at the theatre around 7:45 am and was third in line. After sitting out in the cold wind for over two hours (which this southern gal was not thrilled about), I purchased a $40 ticket for orchestra partial view.

I was in row BB stage right, which as essentially the first row on the side of the theater and this was not a partial view seat. I only missed one very small part of the show that lasted maybe two minutes. It was amazing to again be so close to the stage and really become immersed in the show. Some of the people who were behind me and were in the seats on the side of the theatre complained about not being able to see the stage at all before the show started. How their view was during the show, I don’t actually know.

Disclaimer: this show is a one act musical. Honestly, I try to stay away from these after seeing Amelie in March because of how underwhelmed I was by the production, but I had already decided to see the show before I realized it was a one-act show. Boy am I glad I decided to see it. This show was amazing. The words that came to my mind after seeing it were simple and raw. It was amazing to sit in a theatre and watch a very simple piece of theatre with a storyline that could come out of a regular person’s everyday life with no drama or spin to it.

Photos: Matthew Murphy

The Band’s Visit is currently playing at the Barrymore Theatre on W. 47th street. Let me know if you plan to see the show, your rush experience, and your thoughts of the show itself!

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