Thursday, April 26, 2018

White Midi Skirt


It's officially spring in NYC and I could not be happier. After suffering through the never ending winter, I was so excited to go to church this past Sunday in this white midi skirt I've been dying to wear since I purchased it back in December. 

While I love a good little white dress, I also love this white skirt because it dresses down the look. You can also have fun with the skirt by matching it with different colored tops. For this look, I decided to go with a light blue sleeveless top from J Crew Factory that I've had for a few years and these heels. I also paired it with an army green jacket from J Crew (now only available in a brown shade). Honestly, I chose this combination to cover up a really bad spray tan that I gave myself. 

I was also really excited to find this area in a park by my apartment. I decided to explore a different area of my neighborhood on Sunday and was so amazed to find this little spot along with other spots by the Hudson River and can't wait to take my roommate with me to explore the area some more. 

While I purchased this skirt at a Dillards Clearance store and it is now no longer available, I have included my favorite white midi skirts in this post below. Happy spring everyone!

Favorite White Midi Skirts 



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