Thursday, July 26, 2018

NYC Weekend

Hey Y'all! Can you believe July is almost over? Every year seems to be moving faster and I'm getting close to my one year anniversary in New York City. I've been spending most of the past week packing up my apartment to get ready to make the move over to Brooklyn, but I wanted to share with y'all this fun post of activities and places to see when either visiting the city or wanting to do something different on your day off. 

Over the Fourth of July week, I had a friend come up and visit. She had only been to NYC at least once before, so she had a list of activities and sites she wanted to do while she was here. So for the four full days she was here, we hit the ground running and got a lot of walking in. 

Pier 25 & 26 

We started our weekend over in Hudson River Park for some fun outdoors activities to celebrate the Fourth of July. At Pier 26, free kayaking is offered and it was such fun. When you're out in the designated area, you get great views of One Trade Center, New Jersey and the Statue of Liberty. 

Right next to Pier 26, is of course Pier 25 where we found a mini golf course. I'm a sucker for a good game of mini golf and haven't played in a while. I was intrigued to find a mini golf course in the city and we decided to play a round for only $7. While each hole wasn't as long as other courses might have been, they were more challenging the further along you went on the course and they had the standard mini golf elements of waterfalls, caves and hills. It was such fun and we felt like we played our moneys worth by the end of the game.

DUMBO and Brooklyn Bridge 

Two huge tourist areas right across the East River, I actually ended up spending two days that week in the area exploring. Brooklyn Bridge is always a must do for anyone visiting the city for the first time and is always full of Instagram worthy pictures and you can always get creative with the pictures. I went in February with my mom and got this picture with the World Trade Center in the background, so this time around I decided to take a picture on the other side of the bridge with the Empire State Building in the background. 

If you want to stay near the edge of Brooklyn, there's Jane's Carousel, which is only $2 per ride cash only and of course a waterfront full of rocks. We also went to Pier 1 on the other side of the bridge in Brooklyn Heights and enjoyed fresh lemonade from Lizzmonade, which can also be infused with other fruits.

Trinity Church 

Trinity Church is a historic Episcopalian church in the Financial District (or FiDi). Most likely the most famous part of the church is the graveyard where Alexander Hamilton was buried. While the main church is under construction currently, the chapel is open for those to look around or for prayer. The chapel is gorgeous and so it the outside of the main church. I highly suggest if you are in the area to stop by the church and walk around the graveyard to see the many influential people who are buried in the church along with the Hamilton and Schuyler family.

Wall Street

Wall Street is a popular area to visit in FiDi with the bull statue and of course the New York Stock Exchange Building. While the public isn't allowed to go into the stock exchange, the security guard suggested we go to Federal Hall and take a look around. What's historically significant about Federal Hall is that it's the location where George Washington had his inauguration ceremony and officially became the first president of the United States. For anyone with a love for history, this area is the place for you.

New York Botanical Gardens

On Friday, we took the subway up to the Bronx to visit the Botanical Gardens. While they are more popular in the springtime with the Cherry Blossoms, I am glad we went during my friend's trip as they are currently having an exhibit until October on Georgia O'Keefe's trip to Hawaii and of course had many tropical flowers in the conservatory. There are also plenty of opportunities for Instagram worthy pictures and we had such fun taking pictures of the flowers. I would love to visit this place again during the cherry blossom season and when the magnolias are in bloom. If you have the opportunity to visit the botanical gardens before October, I highly suggest doing so to see O'Keefe's paintings and to see the tropical flowers.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Modern Art 

These places are an art history lovers dream. I've been to the Met twice and had to skip out on my friend's trip to the Met due to having to work that morning, but I'll be making a trip back soon to see the Heavenly Bodies exhibit before it leaves in October. 

We spent Sunday morning at MOMA before my friend's late afternoon flight. I enjoy spending time looking at art work, especially Van Gogh's famous "Starry Night" and multiple Monet and Picasso paintings. The admission for the museum is $25, but worth it to see these famous paintings and pictures. It's great to see how art has changed over the years and evolved into modern times. 

I felt like we covered a lot of ground in the four days my friend was here along with the two broadway shows we saw. Have you visited any of these places or anywhere else in the city that you feel are must have places? Let me know in the comments below! 


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