Friday, January 3, 2020

Book Review Part III

Hey y’all! Happy 2020! I’m so excited to kick off the first blog post of the new decade with a book review for the month. This past month, I read some amazing books and can’t wait to share them with you below! 

This is one of the best biographies on Coco Chanel I have ever read. Any lover of the Chanel brand or fashion in general, this is a must read for you! This book starts from Chanel's childhood and how she built the empire that is carrying her legacy today. One of part about her business that I found interesting that most probably don't know about is she actually started her business by creating and selling hats. She was the innovator for the fashion world in her time period and created many classic pieces that we still use today, such as the jersey fabric, the little black dress, and the classic Chanel bag. 

2. The Rumor - Elin Hilderbrand 

This is a great read for any upcoming vacations or anyone wanting a quick weekend read. This book takes place in Nantucket and pretty much talks about how people takes things they hear or see and twist it up to create gossip. It's a mix of romance with drama and reads similar to a hallmark movie or lifetime movie. Hilderbrand has numerous books that I can't wait to read for every season and holiday. 

3. The Chilbury Ladies' Choir - Jennifer Ryan 

One of my favorite historical fiction books I've read in a while. Chilbury Ladies's Choir follows a group of female singers as they navigate life during World War II in England. What I love is how it take different types of people at various ages and shows how each deals with someone they love fighting the war. They create this ladies' choir to give them something to distract them, but eventually use their talents to help support the troops by giving them performances as they are on leave or recovering from an injury. Of course not everything goes according to plan and they do have a few struggles along the way, but this book had me hooked and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the World War II era or any type of historical fiction book. 

4. Strangers in Budapest - Jessica Keener
This book is different from most historical fiction books I've read because it's actually set during the 90s. A couple moves to Budapest after the fall of the communist regime as a way to make it big in another country. The main character is a new mom who is struggling with the move and fitting in with the other American wives when some of their friends ask them to check up on an old friend This friend turns out to be a war veteran who came to Budapest to get revenge on a man he believes married and murdered his daughter. While it is a decent murder mystery novel, it was a challenge for me to get through the book. I did not like the main character and actually found her annoying most of the time. The only character I found I liked was Will, the veteran who's daughter was murdered, I think only because I do enjoy murder mysteries and finding out what happens.


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