Thursday, March 5, 2020

Disney Animated Movie Challenge: Part V

Wow guys. 5 posts in and we’re almost to the Renaissance Era of Disney animated films. This has been such a fun challenge to see how animation has changed and this section does not disappoint. 

First off, I want to wish Cinderella a day late happy 70th anniversary. What a classic story that has been told in so many different ways. 

Second, this section really starts seeing a change in animation with the beginning on Michael Eisner’s term as CEO and the struggle Disney had with successful animated movies in the 1980’s. I love that Who’s Framed Roger Rabbit? was the movie to start the transition back into what’s considered some of the most successful Disney animated movies. 

So here we go. My thoughts on the next seven movies in the Disney animated movie challenge. Let me know if you’ve seen these movies and your thoughts on them also! 

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977)

This is a movie I watched frequently as a kid growing up and back then my favorite characters were between Rabbit and Piglet, but now Tigger holds a special place in my heart with the stuffed Tigger my church youth leaders got for me after a surgery. I loved the animation of the turning pages and how they interacted the characters with it. I've always loved the main song in the movie and it's definitely a classic movie. I love the cultural impact it has had by asking people if they are a Tigger or an Eeyore?

Pete's Dragon (1977)

I was really looking forward to seeing this movie because I'm a fan of the song in the movie, "Candle in the Water". However, it was pretty much all live action and it was hard for me to figure out the plot for the movie. I did like how Elliot was used as a companion for kids who were being abused in their homes and helped them escape that life.

The Fox and the Hound (1981)

It had been a while since I've seen this movie and I forgot how sad it was. Everyone talks about how sad Bambi is, but I don't feel like The Fox & the Hound gets the love it deserves. First off, baby Tod is so cute, as in I was looking on Amazon to order a plush for myself. Second off, the scene where Widow Tweed leaves Tod in the game preserve had me bawling because not only was it a touching scene, but I also mis my dog back home a lot and it really hit the feels. I would definitely recommend this movie for my fellow animal lovers and just to watch a cute fox act like a dog.

The Black Cauldron (1985) 

This movie was okay. I think we watched it a lot as kids because my brother liked it. It's definitely on the darker side of Disney movies. The plot was a little confusing and at end of it, I was lost. I thought that Gurgi was a funny character, but for me that was pretty much the only redeeming quality.

Basil - The Great Mouse Detective (1986) 

This was interesting, but not a favorite. There was an interesting mix of Sherlock Holmes and The Rescuers. For me this was a movie I couldn't get into and I can see why it's not a popular Disney movie. The villain in the movie reminded me of Governor Ratcliffe in Pocahontas. 

Oliver and Company (1988)

I remember liking this movie a lot more when I was little, but it was probably because I only remember the musical number at the beginning with Dodger. Watching it again, I saw how dark this movie actually is. I liked that it was another Disney movie that is essentially animal based and is based off of the classic Charles Dickens novel, Oliver Twist. I also feel like this movie was a big influence on the popular Universal film The Secret Life of Pets. 

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988) 

It's been a while since I've seen this movie and I love it. I think it's amazing how they not only combined Warner Bros cartoons and Disney cartoons, but the mixture between the live action and animated is something new and amazing. Disney definitely pushed the boundaries on this movie with the sexy Jessica Rabbit and the dark side of it withe the Frank Sinatra and mob feel to it. I enjoyed this live a lot and had a lot of fun playing spot the cartoons in the film.


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