Monday, April 27, 2020

COVID-19: Ways To Help Through Non-Profits

Covid-19 has been affecting everyone in different ways. It's interesting from my point of view from going from the hotspot of the whole world, seeing it from the beginning and seeing how it's affecting businesses to today, going back to the restaurant I worked at back home before I moved to New York City and seeing how restaurants are having to prepare for a new normal and adjust to the CDC Guidelines.

In Louisiana, they are starting to reopen everything on May 1, so it will be interesting to see how it affects restaurants and what the potential new number will be. While I'm thankful to be able to work in some way and also work for a company in NYC that is still helping us out during this time, while also having parents who will help out if needed, not as many are as lucky.

Below I've listed out a few nonprofits who are helping out across the country in different areas.

Feeding America has a Covid-19 Response Fund that is helping to ensure food banks across the country can feed those in need right now, including the children who rely on school meals to eat.

Doctors Without Borders is sending aid to the counties hit hardest by Covid-19 and strengthening the infection controls in its already established programs as well as maintaining existing help in the 70-plus countries it regularly assists.

The Red Cross is in desperate need of blood donations if you're in a position to do so as a way to donate without it being through monetary donations.

Actor's Fund helps out all professionals (not just the actors) in film, theater, television, music, opera, radio and dance. They are collaborating with their community to help navigate these challenging times. Since March 18, they have distributed more than $6.6 million in emergency financial assistance to 5,653 in the industry to help cover basic living expenses, such as food, essential medications, utilities and more.

BC/EFA is helping entertainment professionals meet coronavirus-related expenses and other challenges brought about. Your support is providing urgent additional resources for the vital social service programs of The Actors Fund, including emergency financial assistance, health insurance, counseling and the operation of The Friedman Health Center for the Performing Arts. These services are available to everyone in the performing arts and entertainment industry, not just the actors. Every donation is matched dollar to dollar.

The Humane Society launched a Relief Support to support animal shelters, rescue groups and other organizations that are responding to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak, with the goal of keeping people and their pets together during this crisis.

I also saw that Chipotle is doing a special where when you buy a burrito, you can give one for free to a Healthcare Hero by putting the name 4HEROES in your order.

If you have a favorite nonprofit organization or business that is helping out below, let me know in the comments below!

Stay safe everyone and make sure you're practicing social distancing even as it gets harder to stay apart from friends and others.


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