Thursday, June 25, 2020

Disney Animated Movie Challenge: Part IX

And we're back back back, back again. Honestly, I don't know what is taking me so long to complete these parts of the challenge, but truthfully it's most likely just procrastination at its best. I feel like once we got out of the Renaissance Era of the films, there's been a lull in the films to watch and none of them really get me as excited, until we get to the 2010's era of films. Anyways this film has a few films that I love and everyone loved growing up, so here are my thoughts on the next seven films of this challenge. 

Lilo & Stitch (2002)

This movie is hands down the best Disney movie to come out in the 2000s, aside from The Emperor's New Groove. I remember loving this movie as a kid because it was set in Hawaii. I loved that it showed more of the hard reality of losing your parents and the oldest legal child struggling to raise her sibling and being financially secure, especially when the younger child is struggling to deal with the death of her parents. The main focus of family is so important to this film and how even pets are a part of that family. 

Treasure Planet (2002) 

This movie was a little hard for me to watch, however, I do appreciate how they made it futuristic to make a classic novel more entertaining for kids. Once I looked past all the robotics and different animal species, the animation technique for it is actually pretty cool. The cast is also a killer cast with Emma Thompson, Laurie Metcalf, and David Hyde Pierce, just to name a few. 

Brother Bear (2003)

I remember seeing this movie in the theaters when it first came out, but didn't really appreciate it. I loved how they wanted to show the importance of culture and respecting it, especially when you learn the story from both sides. The animation for the northern lights was spectacular and I loved that it's another classic Disney film featuring music from Phil Collins. 

Finding Nemo (2003) 

Okay so unpopular opinion, I actually prefer Finding Dory over Finding Nemo. That being said, this is probably one of the most quotable Pixar films released. I feel like my friends and I still use quotes from this movie to this day and I always see it all over Instagram and Twitter. It's another movie that starts off in instant heartbreak with loss of Nemo's mother and all his siblings. This is also a great movie to for parents to watch to learn how to let go of some control as your children are growing up and becoming more independent. 

The Three Musketeers (2004) 

I've never seen this movie before I had to for this challenge, but I'm so glad that this movie exists for children to learn about the popular novel. I loved that they used the Fab 5 for this, and honestly I think it's one of the last ones they've done. There's something so special about going back to the original characters and have them recreate a classic novel. 

The Incredibles (2004) 

It's been such a long time since I've seen this movie, that when I saw the sequel when it came out, I was reading the wikipedia summary of it to remind me of what had happened. Movies and TV shows like these where people have hidden powers has always interested me. There's something so cool about having the abilities to be able to help out the community and rewatching this film, I loved how normal they made superheroes before it became a law to ban them. As a kid watching this, I would totally believe that there used to be superheroes. This movie is a great introduction to the superhero world, before children get to an age where they can start watching Marvel movies. 

Chicken Little (2005) 

This movie has never really caught my attention and even rewatching it, it's still not a top pick of choices to watch for Disney movies. I think it's really cute how they used all the animals living in a small town, but I've always loved movies like that. Honestly watching it as a kid, I was probably confused by the possibility of an alien invasion and knowing that it was just a made up thing, but rewatching it this past month during everything that is happening, it's honestly almost too real and almost feels like reality of what is going on in our world currently. 


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