Tuesday, June 30, 2020

DIY Tie Dye Shirts

Like everyone else, I'm obsessed with the return of the Tie-Dye trend. While I haven't purchased many items in tie-dye yet, I loved creating my own tie-dye shirts. When I realized that the tie-dye trend was here to stay for a while, I knew I needed to take a trip down to Michael's to get a kit to create my own shirts. 

I remember the last time tie-dye was in style, my friends and I got together and created tie dye shirts and I remember how easy and fun it was. Michael's makes it so easy to get everything you need for it. I picked up some white V neck t-shirts and I decided on two tie dye packets because they had the colors that I wanted for the shirts. 

When I got home, I realized that I actually picked up a kids tie dye kit (linked here and here), but at the end of the day it doesn't really matter what the age group for the kit is, because it had the supplies needed to make the tie dye shirts. 

For this post, I thought I would share the steps I took to create these shirts and even different patterns that you could do. For my two shirts I did the Rainbow Swirl and Sunbursts. 

Pick out the item you want to tie-dye and wash it without fabric softener or dryer sheets. Choose a large, flat space to work on, and cover it with plastic trash bags (I did mine out on the grass of our backyard). Keep paper towels handy also, which I found super helpful at times. 

Step 1: 
Put gloves on and mix the dye. Add warm water up to the neck of the tie-dye bottles. Recap the bottle tightly and shake until the powder dissolves. If you would like the colors to be more vibrant, fill the bottle with less water. For softer color, use more water. Tip: Apply your dye to your shirts within 45 minutes after you mix your colors together - after 45 minutes, your colors will start to lose their vibrancy. 

Step 2: 
Soak the pre-washed fabrics you would like to tie-dye in warm water until it is completely saturated. Then, ring out your fabric or let it air dry until it is damp, not soaking. 

Step 3: 
Choose a tie - dye technique and follow the directions for your favorite method. Tip: Try not to oversaturated your fabrics with dye, and be sure to check that the dye doesn't seep into your folds. 

Step 4: 
After you have finished tie-dyeing, loosely wrap your project with plastic, or place it into a resealable bag. This keeps the fabric damp while your colors set. Let your design sit for 6-8 hours. The longer it sits, the more vibrant your magical unicorn tie-dye will be! (I let mine sit over night since I started working on it at 7 PM)

Step 5: 
Once your design sets for 6-8 hours, remove it from the plastic or the resealable bag, and cut off the rubber bands. Then, rinse your fabric under water until the water runs clear. Next, hang your creation to air dry! 

Different Tie-Dye Techniques

Rainbow Swirl
  • choose a spot for your swirl anywhere you would like on your fabric. Then, pinch your fabric and twist it into a flat spiral. 
  • While keeping its spiral shape, bind the spiral with threee rubber bands to form six wedges. Make sure stye are nice and tight 
  • Add dye. Apply the color using the pointed nozzle at the top of your tie-dye bottle. After you finish the front, tie-day the back. 

Trendy Twists
  • Lay your fabric flat. Then, make pleats 
  • Bind the pleats every 1-2 inches with rubber bands. 
  • Add your dye to the entire length of your fabric! Apply the color using the pointed nozzle at. the top of your tie-dye bottle. Then, repeat on the back. 

  • Lay your fabric flat. Pick out the places you would like to add stylish sunbursts. Next, pinch and pull the fabric up around 4 inches long, and add rubber bands in 1-inch increments. 
  • Add more sunbursts! For bigger sunbursts, make your tubular shapes longer, For smaller sunbursts, make tubular shapes smaller. 
  • Get colorful. Add dye in between the rubber bands and down the tubular shapes using the pointed nozzle at the top of the tie-dye bottle. 

  • Scrunch up your fabric using your fingers 
  • Bunch your fabric together 
  • Add dye in patterns or in bursts! Apply the color using the pointed nozzle at the top of your tie-dye bottle. 

  • Pleat your fabric in vertical stripes 
  • Bind your pleats into sections using the rubber bands 
  • Apply dye using the pointed nozzle at the top of your tie-dye bottle. 

Shibori Fun 
  • Wrap your fabric around a tube. Make sure you use something that you wouldn't mind getting dye on. 
  • Scrunch your fabric together, and bind both ends with rubber bands. 
  • Add the dye anywhere you please using the pointed nozzle at the top of the tie-dye bottle 

  • Lay your fabric flat, and pick which color dye you would like to use to create your ombré effect. Then, fill up your bottle with water. 
  • Apply half of your bottle to the bottom third of your fabric. Then, re-fill the bottle with water and apply it to the middle third of your fabric. 
  • Re-fill your bottle once more and apply it to the last section of your fabric. 

  • Pull your fabric up from the center and gather it together. 
  • Use two rubber bands to bind your fabric together, creating three separate sections. 
  • Add as many tie-dye colors as you'd like using the pointed nozzle at the top of the tie-dye bottle. 


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