Wednesday, June 17, 2020

TJ Maxx Haul - June 2020

Hey y'all. One of the places that I was most excited about reopening down here was TJ Maxx. I've read rumors that they are currently overstocked and having crazy sales to get all their old inventory out and prepare for the new inventory coming in. I can confirm that these rumors are true. All the items that I purchased when I went a few weeks ago were at such a great steal and are so versatile to use throughout the summer and even throughout the year. 

Wearing a size 10 (TTS)

When I saw this dress, I got major Draper James/Reese Witherspoon vibes. I'm obsessed with this dress. It's so comfortable and breathes easily. When trying to find links for it, I noticed that it is normally priced at around $96 and I purchased it for $20 at TJ Maxx, which is their current price online also. 

Wearing a Size 10 (TTS)
*couldn't find these pants on TJ Maxx website, so the link is for a pair I found on Ebay 

These pants are so to wear to the office during the summer. They give me major boat vibes, but I love that you can pair it with a light color top to make it work in the corporate work environment. 

Wearing XL (sized up one size for oversized look)  
*couldn't find a link for it on TJ Maxx, but found someone selling one on Poshmark 

Wearing a size 10 (TTS) 

When I saw this blazer, I grabbed it immediately to where I didn't even look at the size of it. It's actually a size larger than I would normally get, but I love the oversized look for it. I already own a plaid blazer and wear it all the time in the office, so I knew I had to grab this blazer. I got it at a steal from TJ Maxx at $16. 

These pants are just basic black pants, but I needed another pair to wear to work since I only wear black pants and they are so comfortable. I love the length of them and how they hit right at the ankle and they are a stretchy material so they're easy to move in. 

This top is such a fun casual look. I wish I had brought my white jeans with me when I packed to come home for COVID-19 because this top would be perfect to pair with them. Unfortunately,  I couldn't find the link for them on TJ Maxx's website and I also couldn't find it when doing a google search, but the brand is Mello Day and I'm wearing my normal size Medium for a TTS fit. 

Wearing a size Large for a looser fit in the neck 

I've been eying a similar lace top at J Crew for about a year now and this top was actually the first top I saw when I walked into the store. This top is so cute and easy to dress up for a work style or to dress down for a more casual look. I normally don't like a high neck top, but it's all elastic around the neck to give a loose fit to not feel constricted in the top. 

Wearing a size 10 (TTS) 
*couldn't find a link for it on TJ Maxx website. Linking it from Calvin Klein website 


This jumpsuit caught my eye when I was walking toward the check out. This jumpsuit gives me major modern southern belle vibes with the gingham style and the tie. I love the flared pants to give a loose fit in the legs. These would be perfect to wear with nude strapped heels. 

This bag is my favorite. I have a similar one that I got from Amazon, but I love the design on the front of the bag. I use this bag as my every day bag and I get compliments on it all the time. It's so simple and light weight to carry around and gives such summer vibes to it. Highly recommend this item. 


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