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Denim Roundup 2020


Hey y'all! I'm so excited for this blog post. I've been teasing it on Instagram for a while, but I finally carved out an afternoon to sit down and put this blog post together. We are officially in fall weather and with that comes more use of denim jeans. As someone who was working at a job that required us to wear suits, I wasn't wearing a lot of jeans, really only sticking to one or two pairs. 

This year is different though thanks to COVID. A lot of people are still working from home and getting to dress more casual or like me are working at a restaurant were we have a lot more free time outside of work to wear denim. 

I've always been the person that sticks to one style and brand of jeans and never strays from it, but after attempting to stray from the usual with denim shorts this summer, I decided to do the same with my jeans and wanted to share with y'all my thoughts on each pair as a starting point or reference of where to start if you're looking for either new styles of jeans to try out or even a new retailer. 

My goal for this blog post is to share with you the fit, wash, durability, what size I'm wearing, the price range for them and most importantly what I like about them and what I don't like about them. I hope that this blog post will help y'all find some new denim to fall in love with this year 😍


Wearing Size 31 Long
$24.99 on clearance 
Wash: Black Wash 

These were the first pair of Abercrombie denim that I purchased in 2019. While they're labeled as super skinny, they have a good stretch in the denim to not feel constricted in them. I purchased these in a long because the size charge for Abercrombie denim says anyone 5'8 and above should purchase in the long. I found that being right at 5'8, you can go either way and these were a little too long for me, but does help with a scrunched up look at the bottom of the jeans or to cuff them like I used to do to all my denim. 

I really liked how the ripped part is directly at the knee because when your legs are straight, you can't see  the rip unless you're really looking, shown in the second picture. These jeans confirmed that Abercrombie was going to be a retailer that I would buy more denim from and they are a good quality. I have also put these in the dryer, especially since I've gone down a pant size since I purchased these and they still fit me well. 

They have these pair of jeans in different washes and they changed up the ripped style this year. I'm currently obsessed with this pair that they included in this years selection. 

Wearing Size 30 Regular 
Wash: Medium Wash 

These jeans were the first pair I put in my cart for this year. After falling in love with my mom denim shorts, I knew I needed a pair of jeans in this style too. Now me personally, I tend to stray towards the distressed look and these pair are no different, which is why they caught my eye so quickly. I'm obsessed with where the rips are on these jeans and how they are pretty much asymmetrical and the holes are very open for a clean look. There is also ripped denim at the back of the left leg and on the back pockets, which is my favorite part. 

I haven't purchased a medium wash in forever, but I loved the wash of my denim shorts, so I kept to the same wash for these. I can already tell that these are going to be my most worn denim this year. I have already been wearing them a lot since I purchased them. My favorite part of these jeans are the deep pockets that are popular in the mom jean style, because they are the perfect fit for sliding your phone in without fear that they will fall out. 

The only part of these denim that I don't like is the length and even then it's only a minor dislike. They are made to be a shorter length, but since the ultra skinny jeans were longer than needed for me, I stuck to regular length this time. These are made to hit right above the ankle, which feels weird to me with my height, but I also think mine have shrunk recently in the dryer, as I didn't realize someone had changed the heat too high when I was doing laundry. 

Wearing Size 30 Regular 
$24.99 on clearance 
Wash: Medium Wash

One pair of denim you can rarely find in my closet is a pair that aren't ripped. That's why I was interested in this pair. Another reason I was drawn to these were the button down front, similar to my denim shorts pair. I wanted a pair of denim that could work in an office setting if one can wear denim there or for casual Friday. What's actually funny is that I did end up wearing these to work to cover for the general manger for a few hours at the restaurant and let me tell you they did pass the active movement test of having to crouch and move around to grab catering orders or get into the cabinets at the counter. 

Now for my ripped jeans loving heart, I love the frayed ends on these and what I love about the Abercrombie curve love style is how well they fit not only in the hips but also in the waist. They are made to hug the body better than regular pair of jeans. They have these pair in many different washes, including a pair that have embroidered flowers on them if you want something different on your denim. 

American Eagle 

Wearing Size 10 Long 
Wash: Dark Indigo Wash

These are the pair of jeans that I have been wearing the longest, only getting a new pair when I need to size down. I was introduced to these jeans my second year in college during sorority recruitment time. These were the pair of jeans, they wanted us to get to look uniform in our recruitment tees and wedges for the first night of recruitment. If you've ever been in a sorority, you know what I'm talking about. 

These jeggings are my favorite because they are so stretch and fit so well. I got them in a long for length and I love that I can either scrunch up the bottom or cuff the bottom, as seen in these pictures. The quality of these denim are amazing. This pair in particular I've had for about three years and they haven't faded at all and I throw these into the dryer all the time. 

I also have these in the black wash, which actually turned out well because I can wear them at the restaurant and I wear them all the time, along with a few of my coworkers. If you want a classic skinny denim look with great quality, I highly recommend these. 

J Crew Factory 

J Crew Factory Ripped Boyfriend Jeans 
Wearing Size 29 
Wash: Medium Wash 

These are the oldest pair of denim in the stack that I own. I purchased these my senior year of college, which I believe was like five years ago (can't believe it's been that long). I was so excited to get these that I actually changed into them as soon as my dad gave them to me when he came over for a football game at my college. These denim still look amazing, even with all the wear and tear. They are finally starting to feel a little thinner in the fabric and unfortunately it may be the last year I will be wearing them before giving them up. 

I love the boyfriend jeans because they still feel fitted in the legs but are loose in the ankles and I always cuff them to have a polished and classic look with them. The denim stretches well to allow for comfort in movement and just like the Abercrombie jeans, the rips are in good places and aren't so big that they draw too much attention to them. 

This exact pair isn't sold anymore, but I did find the new J Crew version of these jeans and while they are on the more expensive side, they are an amazing quality that will last for years. 


Wearing Size 10 
Wash: Light Wash 
$59.99 on clearance 

Madewell is a brand that I've been thinking of trying out since my friend told me about them a few years ago, but never actually bought anything from there until now. Madewell is a brand under the J. Crew umbrella that focuses more on the young adults casual style. They are very well known for their denim and I'm so glad I finally tried a pair. 

I love the wash of these and the feel of the denim is soft and gives a good stretch in them. They are super flattering and like the Abercrombie jeans, they are distressed at the hem. I've been wearing these a lot in the past few weeks and are easy to dress up and down. What I also love about these jeans is that Madewell puts a tag on the jeans to let you know how to best take care of the denim. You wash the jeans after every 10 wears and you hang them to dry. 


Wearing Size 10 
Wash: Light Wash

Out of all the jeans, these were the pair that I thought I would like the least and return them, but I actually really love them. Another pair of mom jeans, these fit perfectly in the waist and in length too, as they don't offer them in a tall size. 

Now while it took me a few times to start to really like them, these jeans are giving me major 90s vibes. They are a lot more distressed than any other pairs I own, but it really does fit into the style of the jeans and my favorite item to pair them with is my Birkenstocks. If you want to go for an edgy look, you can pair them with combat boots and a leather jacket.  

Universal Thread Super High-Rise Skinny Jeans 
Wearing Size 10 Regular 
Wash: Gray

After trying the Wild Fable jeans, I decided I want to try a pair of jeans from another Target brand and Universal Thread did not disappoint. After loving the denim jacket from them, it's no surprise that I'm also loving these jeans. What really stood out to me was the wash of these. I've never really noticed a gray wash before and it feels like a unique look for the classic high rise skinny jeans. 

Another bonus to these jeans are that they are the softest pair of denim I think I've ever felt. These are another great pair of denim that will hopefully last for a few years and are an affordable price. I can't wait to try out different ways to style these and will def be sharing them on Instagram 😊


Wearing Size 10 
Wash: Black Wash 

I know I've said it a lot and I will continue to say it, Walmart has definitely upped their clothing game in the past year and I knew I needed to try a pair of Time and Tru jeans to test them out, especially because of how affordable they are at under $20. The downside to being a size 10 is that it's the average size and always the size that is picked over so these were the only jeans left at the Walmart near me, but the bonus to these jeans is that I can actually wear these to work. 

Now the downside to these jeans are that while they fit well in the legs, they are super tight in the waist so I would suggest sizing up one size. I really wanted to like these more than I do, but it's so uncomfortable to wear these when I work all day and can only wear these for my five hour shifts and even then it's pushing it. I want to say that in store they do have regular and tall, but online they only have one length and a few sizes in petite, so the least diverse out of all the retailers in this post. 

I definitely don't want to write off this brand yet for denim and will definitely be on the lookout for restocks in other styles, but a bonus for Walmart is that they also sell Levi Jeans at an affordable price. 


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