Thursday, February 11, 2021

Book Review: January 2021

Hey y'all! I can't believe we are almost halfway through February! I have been spending all my free time away from redecorating my bedroom reading all the books that have been coming off hold from the library because even though I learned my lesson the hard way about putting multiple books on hold, I just keep doing it. So many books to read with so little time!

We are getting colder weather for the next week, so you will find me curled up with a book whenever I'm not at work. If you haven't already made cozy day plans for the cold weather, nothing is better than curling up in bed or the couch with a good book and I deficiently read some amazing books this past month that I can't wait to share with y'all below. 

I read another six books this month, including my first Book of the Month pick. If you haven't heard about Book of the Month, it's a monthly subscription service where every month, they release five books for you to choose from that are a mix of different genres, some are early releases and most are debut authors. It's such a great way to be introduced to new novels and genres at an affordable price of $15 a month. You can also get your first book at a discount with a code they offer on their site. 

The Twelve Dates of Christmas - Jenny Bayliss 

I wanted to get this book read during the holiday season, but of course I kept having to put it aside to read the library books. This book was so much fun to read where Laurie gets convinced to sign up for a dating program where they go on 12 dates with 12 different people and hopefully one of them is the one. I could honestly picture this becoming either a Hallmark Christmas movie or a Netflix Christmas movie next year. There's something so fun about reading romcom's that are set in a small town outside of London and Laurie also had the coolest job as a fabric designer. 



In A Holidaze - Christine Lauren 

This was another one that I would've loved to have read during the holiday season, but let's be real, I can read holiday romcoms all year round. This books gives off major Groundhog Day vibes where after learning that this may be the last year Mae's family and their friends are going to spend Christmas at a family cabin and regretting an incident that happened the night before they left, Mae gets to relive the trip over and over again until she finally gets it right. I loved how they did the repeat of the day by her falling or getting hit by a pile of snow and her waking up on the plane over and over again.  I did however feel let down in the romantic relationship build up between the two brothers, where I found myself rooting for the other brother than she ends up with. 



Group: How One Therapist and a Circle of Strangers Saved My Life - Christie Tate 

This memoir was moving in that you got an inside look into how group therapy works and the journey that Christie took from starting group therapy and how her life has changed to present day where they are still meeting every week through Zoom calls. Halfway through the book, I started to feel frustrated at Christie for some of the decisions and choices she was making with her life and how she felt like therapy wasn't helping her at all even though she wasn't giving full effort towards it. If you want to get a real inside look into group therapy or want to see how someone who struggled to find a genuine relationship and dealing with self doubt, this is a great read. 



The Dating Plan - Sara Desai 

This was my January Book of the Month pick and what a fun one to start off with! This book won't be released until March 16, but it's so worth the wait. Daisy is at a convention for work when she runs into her brother best friend, who was also her high school crush, while trying to hide from her ex-boyfriend and her ex-boss. Pushed into a corner, they pretend that they're engaged, which ends up helping Liam who needs to get married in order to keep his family's business that his brother wants to sell. The only catch is that Liam is also the guy who stood Daisy up at her prom dance. In a exciting plan where they create a way to build a relationship and get fake married, we get taken on a journey of a single girl in a large Indian family and the traditions that they uphold. This was such a fun read and I can't wait for everyone to get a chance to read it when it gets released. 



The Light in Hidden Places - Sharon Cameron 

This was Reese's Book Club's December YA pick and it did not disappoint. This story is of Stefania Podgorska, a catholic girl growing up around Jewish families at the beginning of World War II in Poland. At the young age of fifteen, while caring for her younger sister, she decides she's going to help the Diamants family try to survive the war after everything they have done for her before the war. This ends up becoming a plan to hide one of the sons in her house and eventually is hiding thirteen Jews in her attic, constantly waiting for the day that they will be discovered and all be killed. Based off of notes from a memoir Stefania never got the chance to publish, you're taken on a vivid journey through World War II Poland that will forever be ingrained in your mind of what these people went through to try to survive. For any history fans, this book is a must read. 



The Marriage Game - Sara Desai 

After reading The Dating Plan, I learned that Sara Desai had a previous novel based on the same family but originally focusing on Daisy's cousin Layla. Layla, who just broke up with her boyfriend, ended up on a viral video and fired from her job, comes back home to try and figure out what she's going to do with her life. Her dad decides to let her try to run a business out of an office space above the family restaurant, the only catch was that he had just rented it out to someone and before he can tell Sam that he won't be able to use the space, he has a heart attack. Now forced to share a space and learning that her dad has also set her up on a series of dates with different men from their culture, they create a game to see if Layla can find her perfect guy. Another book by Sara Desai full of comedy and fun mishaps, you're taken on an emotional journey of Layla finding herself and her perfect guy. 



Stats for January: 

Reading Challenge: 7/36

2,357 pages

Own: 2 books 

Library: 5 books


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